Chicago Humanitarian Awards Luncheon : win a hotel stay at Disneyland Paris!

October 11, 2019
The Ritz Carlton Chicago

For More Information:
Sahiba Borisuth
Associate, Midwest Region
200 W Madison Street, Suite 850
Chicago, IL 60606

The Midwest Regional Office hosts the Chicago Humanitarian Awards Luncheon, at the Ritz Carlton Chicago on Friday, October 11, 2019 from 11:00 AM–1:15 PM. The event honors strong, extraordinary leaders who are contributing locally or internationally to the improvement of children’s lives. This year’s luncheon will honor two local Chicagoans for their remarkable achievements.

Chicago Humanitarian Awards Committee

Ceylan Eatherton, Co-Chair
Cecelia Pikul, Co-Chair

Jonni Hegenderfer
Anne O’Malley
Ashley Prasad
Hilary Scott
Jen Zaugh

Margie Baran
Ginny Bernstine
Amy Brown
Lauryna Curl
Jude Fitzgerald
Milena Fay

Past Honorees

2018: Dr. Colleen Cicchetti, Phyllis Glink
2017: Suzanne & Zaher Sahloul, Maria Woltjen Steve Lehmann*
2016: Tom & Diane Geraghty, Gary Slutkin, Zainab Zeb Khan*
2015: Barbara Bowman, Keith Decker
2014: Francie Comer, Sue Duncan
2013: Ann Lurie, Margot Pritzker
2012: Connie Duckworth, Dolores Kohl
2011: Marjorie Craig Benton, Nancy Searle

A cheap stay at Disneyland Paris: the best deals

A stay at Disneyland is magic for the whole family… except for the wallet! Since we have the kids, we go there on average once a year (yes, kids are a great excuse to go to Disneyland more often). As long as they were small, the budget remained “reasonable”. Today, at 6 years old and 2 * 8 years old, it becomes a real luxury, and I scoured the good plans to find a cheap stay at Disneyland Paris.

To speak concretely, we are going to compare the prices for our last stay: 3 days and 2 nights at the Cheyenne hotel in January, for me + the 3 children, or 4 people (so only 1 room). Precision is important because from 5 people, either you have to go to family rooms, which do not generally benefit from any promotion, or the choice is limited to Davy Crockett Ranch for 6 to 8 people

Disneyland Paris promotions

This is the simplest and most obvious solution for those who want to book a cheap stay at Disneyland Paris, without spending hours looking for the best deal. There are almost always promotional offers on stays .

Depending on the period, you can find the stay offered for children under 12, the stay AND entry to the parks offered for those under the age of 7, or even reductions on stays and advantages offered (half-board, gift card…)

In our case, there was an offer: -30% on your stay + half board offered . When you know the price of meals during a stay at Disneyland, the half-board offered can quickly become an interesting good plan. Except that the price offered was still (very) expensive: nearly € 500 for 1 adult and 3 children (still for our stay 3D / 2N at the Cheyenne hotel).

Private sales for a cheap stay at Disneyland

This is a recurring deal, the one that is the most famous and popular with all those looking to book a cheap stay at Disneyland Paris. There are regular “Stay” offers for Disneyland on Private Travel Sales, the price interest of which is quite variable. Private sales can also be found at ShowroomPrivé.
The trick is to register now on these 2 sites, to be ready to compare the offers on the day of the next Disney Stay sale (offers which are not always so interesting, explanations below): click -click here to register on private showroom and click-click here to register on Private Sale.
There was a private sale just before I booked our last stay: I did not take it on Private Sale because always for the same stay (3D / 2N, Cheyenne hotel, 1 adult / 3 children), we were far from “cheap”… Without half board, unlike the Disneyland offer above, which was a bit more expensive but ultimately much more interesting.

One of the reasons why Disneyland stays are ultimately quite expensive on private sale is that the child / adult difference is not always taken into account. We reserve a stay with 1 room + entrance to the parks for 4 people, period. However, depending on the age of the children, Disneyland offers great reductions for children …
Sometimes there is a difference between adults and children (with the free stay for children under 12 as on the Disneyland site), BUT the offer starts from 2 adults. If like me you go alone with your children, it is not at all interesting.
You should also know that when you book during a private sale, Disneyland has a tendency to discard on them when you need an additional service (for example the Disney Express). This is not always the case, but it is always unpleasant when you have fallen for a magical stay to hear yourself answer the phone, "oh no, it is not our responsibility because you have booked with Vente Privée / Private Showroom ”

Flash Sales, the best deal for a cheap stay at Disneyland Paris

After our 8th family trip, I can guarantee you that this is the best deal for a cheap stay at Disneyland Paris ! Good plan accessible to all, of course (we do not count the CE offers from which some lucky ones benefit).

It is also strange that these offers are not better known… It is quite simply the Flash Sales of Disneyland Paris! The guarantee of a cheap stay since the reductions go up to -45% … Of course, to benefit from the maximum reduction, you have to devote a little time to it. Let me explain :
The percentage of reduction increases according to the length of stay (2 day / 1 night -> 20%, 3 days / 2 nights -> 30%, 4 days / 3 nights -> 45%), and for each type of stay (2D / 1N, 3D / 2N, 4D / 3N), the reduction only applies on certain dates. Fortunately, all you have to do is choose the length of stay and a table shows you the arrival dates available at each hotel with the discount.

How to take advantage of the Disneyland Flash Sales to book a cheap stay?

Here again, it couldn’t be simpler… It’s on the Disneyland site that it’s happening! They are organized quite regularly, if you are planning a stay over a specific period, it is better to do it in advance to monitor the dates covered by each flash sale. In general, they take place for stays starting from the flash sale and up to 3 months after.

Cheap stay at Disneyland Paris? Take advantage of a good Bonus plan

If I’m not a fan of the option to take park entrance tickets on one side + separate accommodation on the other side, there is another option that I have recently been interested in that may be relevant. prove to be a winner… with 200% magic inside. These are the Annual Passes! For the price of a stay, you can come and come back to Disneyland for a year as often as you want !!! The subject is quite complex, if you want to know everything, you can take a look at my article: Disneyland Annual Passes: how to choose them and save money? or see the comparison table directly on the Disneyland website by clicking on the image below.